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5 Ways to Destroy Your Forklift Battery

Posted by Ryan Lynch on April 30, 2019

Most of us are careful about the way we treat our precious cell phones, taking care to ensure that the batteries last as long as possible (even though cell phone batteries are designed so overcharging isn’t a worry).   

However, when it comes to forklift batteries—which cost so much more and are crucial to keeping a company running—most people may not know how to maintain them optimally, or may be actively destroying the batteries through incorrect business processes.   

It’s not intentional, of course. Many times, it is due to a lack of knowledge. After all, forklift batteries are electro-chemical devices and their maintenance can depend upon many factors, such as type and usage. Maintaining them properly is a lot more complex than just plugging your phone into a charger.  

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Topics: Forklift maintenance, Uptime, Forklift Power

4 Creative Ways to Increase Supply Chain Uptime and Reduce Costs

Posted by Ryan Lynch on February 15, 2019

Many companies are so caught up in maintaining supply chain uptime that they end up unwittingly sabotaging their productivity in the long run. Ironic, right? How does this happen?  

It’s simple. Business often tend to neglect their forklifts and the batteries that power them, figuring they’ll fit service in when they aren’t quite so busy. Often, that downtime doesn’t come soon enough—which means a lot of scurrying to find a solution when all that neglect takes a toll and shortens the life of the forklift or the battery.  

Here are some tips to help you squeeze every single dollar out of your forklift by lowering costs and increasing productivity. Read on to find out how your company could be missing out on more than a million dollars in savings each year! 

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Topics: Forklift maintenance, Uptime, Supply Chain

5 Simple Areas Where Your Forklifts Are Bleeding Costs & Chaos

Posted by Ryan Lynch on February 11, 2019

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  

When it comes to forklifts and forklift batteries, most companies operate by this philosophy. But if you’re under pressure to not just maintain production capacity, but increase it (while also finding ways to decrease your cost structure), you may feel exasperated and at a loss, having already tapped out of easily implementable ideas to generate efficiencies. 

We’ve got good news for you. Go out to your manufacturing and distribution floor and count each forklift used by your company. What may surprise you is that for more than 80 percent of users of forklifts, each lift can be like a little ATM machine for you, enabling you to lower your costs (by as much as 30 percent per year), while increasing production capacity and efficiency. 

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Topics: Motive Power, Forklift maintenance