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With our FleetPOWER program, we’ll install your motive system, then train you to manage it on your own.

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At ABT our goal is to deliver a comprehensive solution that ensures your fleet is as efficient and reliable as possible.


ABT provides premier products, top-notch service, and turn-key solutions for reserve power applications.


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How Forklift Power Can Help You Knock Out Your Lean Six Sigma Goals

Posted by Ryan Lynch on May 16, 2019

If you’re like most Lean Six Sigma belts, you’re always looking for your next project. And like most Lean Six Sigma belts, there’s one place you likely haven’t looked: forklift power.

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Topics: Uptime, Supply Chain, Forklift Power

Is Your Supply Chain Recession-Proof?

Posted by Ryan Lynch on February 21, 2019

Supply Chain Management Review released an excellent case study cross section done on large, public manufacturers with large supply chains.  Their purpose: to discover whether supply chain-driven companies are more or less prepared for the coming recession than in the Great Recession of 2008. 

I was fairly shocked at the results.  Overall, most companies fare worse on most metrics that matter: see figure 2 and 3.  Specifically, while most have increased revenues, they’ve done it at the expense of profit margins and have added more people than their revenue growth dictates they should.  So much for the more productive worker impacting the supply chain industry over the past ten years!   

In addition, businesses have a higher percentage of fixed costs today, meaning it will be harder reduce them—much like it will be more difficult to downsize personnel—when the time comes as revenues fall. 

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Topics: Supply Chain, Forklift Power

4 Creative Ways to Increase Supply Chain Uptime and Reduce Costs

Posted by Ryan Lynch on February 15, 2019

Many companies are so caught up in maintaining supply chain uptime that they end up unwittingly sabotaging their productivity in the long run. Ironic, right? How does this happen?  

It’s simple. Business often tend to neglect their forklifts and the batteries that power them, figuring they’ll fit service in when they aren’t quite so busy. Often, that downtime doesn’t come soon enough—which means a lot of scurrying to find a solution when all that neglect takes a toll and shortens the life of the forklift or the battery.  

Here are some tips to help you squeeze every single dollar out of your forklift by lowering costs and increasing productivity. Read on to find out how your company could be missing out on more than a million dollars in savings each year! 

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Topics: Forklift maintenance, Uptime, Supply Chain